Guidance and Counseling Office

1.1.  Evaluates / assess official credential required for admission.  All student
applicants should go through the following procedures and submit the following
requirements before admission.

  1. Admission in Grade 1   The entrance age is six (6) but any child who is five and a half
    (5 ½ ) years old by June (opening of classes) with Kindergarten training
    may admitted to Grade 1

    • The applicants must take the school readiness test
    • The applicants must submit the following requirements
      • photocopy of birth certificate
      • photocopy of Kindergarten Report Card
      • 2 pcs. 1 x 1 ID pictures
      • Official Receipt of the testing fee
  2. Admission in Grades 11-V1
    • The applicants must take the entrance test which includes
      mental ability and achievement test.
    • The applicants must submit the following requirements
      • Original Report Card (F-138)
      • Original Good Moral Certificate
      • 2 pcs 1×1 ID pictures
      • Official Receipts of the testing fee
  3. Re-Admission of Old Students
    • The old students or re-enrollees must fill up a new registration form
      and must submit the original report card.
    • Schedules entrance/placement examination
      The Guidance Counselor schedules the entrance/placement tests to applicants.