Philippine Christian University’s – Information Technology Department (IT Department/ PCU-ITD) plans, operates and supports the university’s IT infrastructure, enabling support service unit users to carry out their roles efficiently, productively and securely. The IT Department was established to provide the highest quality service responsive in meeting the information needs and computing requirements of both the academic community and the various administrative units in the University.

The IT Department is the University’s technological arm and the central IT unit in charge with establishing, monitoring and maintaining information technology systems and services for the PCU Manila campus, PCU Dasmariñas campus and the PCU Mary Johnston College of Nursing (MJCN) campus.

The goal of the IT Department is to increase the university’s competitiveness thru continuous improvement by integrating Information Technology solutions in the University’s administrative and academic functions.  Its role is to provide and realize a modern, robust, reliable, safe, secure unified IT infrastructure that delivers high-quality IT services to the University stakeholders.

To provide exceptional technology solutions thru innovation, systematic management of resources and delivery of holistic services to support the faculty, staff and students of Philippine Christian University (PCU).   In support of this mission, we will:

  • Partner with the University community to understand the Information Technology needs of the faculty, staff, the administration, the PCU alumni and the PCU students.
  • Provide leadership and planning for the effective and strategic use of emerging technologies.
  • Demonstrate technical and operational excellence through a commitment to professionalism and continuous improvement.

To be recognized as a high performance team providing technology excellence that advances learning, teaching, research and student formation in alignment with the University’s core values: faith, character and service.

Our Core Purpose shall give directions to all facets of the University’s strategic, tactical and operational services, we shall:

  • Design, implement, deploy and maintain quality automated information systems and evaluate these systems annually.
  • Develop and cater to a high-end, versatile and dynamic website that addresses the needs of the University community.
  • Proactively respond to the information needs and database support requirements of the University.
  • Provide the finest, reliable, dependable technology infrastructure responsive and consistent with the standards of Information Technology among schools and universities today and beyond.

Our Core Values shall drive and guide us as we serve the University community. As the team members and resource personnel of the IT Department, we are committed to:

  • Collaboration: Dedicated to a constructive, team-oriented environment, gathering varied perspectives, sharing knowledge, and building effective partnerships with key stakeholders (University Community).
  • Continuous Improvement: Strive for operational excellence through the on-going development of the staff and the institution of higher learning as a whole.
  • Innovation: Encourage creative and critical thinking in the development of technology services and solutions.
  • People: Listen to, respect, and care for the PCU administration, faculty, staff, students, the PCU alumni, and one another, both professionally and personally.
  • Service: Strive to provide excellent service by being consistent, agile, reliable, and accessible to all.
  • Transparency: Leverage open communications and thoughtful business processes among PCU offices and to be accountable in our interactions and our respective work.

To provide a robust, reliable, cost effective and sustainable computing environment in support of all academic and administrative needs of the University Community.



Network Administrator MR. CARMELO C. BAJOS
Systems Administrator MR. ARIEL F. SERRANO
Web Application Programmer MR. DOMINIQUE F. CONCHE
Technical Support Specialist 1 (Satellite LAN Office C) MR. LAZARO C. PUNO, III
Technical Support Specialist 2 (Main Office) MR. ROLAND D. GUEVARRA
Technical Support Specialist 3 (Satellite LAN Office A) MR. JESSIE D. GERELLA
IT Secretary MS. MARA D. AGUJA
Photographer / ID Production Staff MR. NEPTALIE P. CORTEZ
Technical Support Staff (Satellite LAN Office B) MR. JEFFREY R. MIRABEL


ITD STAFF/POSITIONS (Dasmariñas Campus)

Asst. Network Administrator MR. NELSON L. LACSON
Asst. Systems Administrator MS. IVY JOY S. BAUTISTA
Technical Support Specialist 4 (Junior High School) MR. ARDEN N. ULANGKAYA
Technical Support Specialist 5 (College) MR. FEDERICO F. CAMALI-AN
Photographer/ID Production Staff MS. DIANA JOY A. VIRTUDAZO
Asst. Programmer MR. JOMAR P. SULIT