The External Affairs Office, a distinctive social action arm of the University, has been set up to create a community of networking and services through the involvement of its alumni, the responsiveness of its community extension services and relations, and the consistency of its linkages and public relations, communication, marketing and promotion.


A sustainable External Affairs Office actualizing the values of FAITH, CHARACTER and  SERVICE in a continuing involvement in the life of the community and its people, and establishing a culture as an institution of higher learning.


The Office of the External Affairs, an academic related office is committed to:

  1. Promote PCU and its program with its high standard and quality services among its students and the institution it serves.
  2. Integrate, relevant and responsive service in creating a sustainable community related development programs fitting to the needs of the community.
  3. Transcends Christian values and spiritual orientation as God’s creation among its clients, stakeholders, future partners, customers and employees.
  4. Active involvement and commitment of the alumni to the university programs and projects both in professional and academic needs.
  5. To arm PCU in delivering effective communication and sustaining its positive corporate culture, values and image among its employees and the marketplace.


  1. To reorganize PCU Alumni to enable them to:
  2. use their resources to lend support to the community relation activities of the university; and
  3. participate in the” Continuing Professional Education “ (CPE) program of the university.
  4. To establish sources of funding for its programs.
  5. To establish a comprehensive and sustainable community extension program that would continuously utilize human and technical resources of the different units of the university.
  6. To coordinate and integrate the community extension projects of the different units of the university as its corporate social responsibilities.
  7. To establish linkages and emphasize on promoting a consistent and coherent corporate identity and image.