One of the most busiest and significant offices of the Philippine Christian University is the Registrar’s Office. We provide services that pertain to records and important documentation. This office is the last stand that separates the community, society and the world. Why? Because this office authenticates and even vouches the veracity, truthfulness and legality of the students’ academic performances. The office provides the necessary validity in order for the students to qualify in the any given professional field, whether domestic or global. This office is also the conduit to the Commission on Higher Education  and Bureau of Immigrationin so far as course offerings and approval are concerned. The registrars provide the necessary relational openness so that the university will continue to exist and be recognized by the government. The registrar’s office has the significant responsibility to attract students in cooperation with the department’s heads, coordinators, faculty, other staff and more importantly, the vice-president and the leadership of the president.

The role of the Registrar’s Office is to balance the course availability and recognition in accordance with the vision and mission of the university. It is the interest of this office to partner with the students and the university family to ensure quality, dignity and integrity.


The Office of the Registrar is envisioned to be a pivotal organization providing academic support service that is faith-based in perspective, Christian in character and humane in dimension in order to carry out the following mission statements:


  1. Oversee all aspects of student course registration and student academic performance.
  2. Provide responsive customer service to clients.
  3. Institute automated processes related to students’ academic performance records.
  4. Provide support to the University Academic Affairs for the maintenance of students Welfare and program integrity.
  5. Institute a Student Information System (SIS).
  6. Provide academic services such as commencement exercises, special honorary awards, and other academic related honors and grants.
  7. Apply technology to develop records management strategy.