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College of Arts, Sciences and Social Work (CASSW)

Dean's Welcome Message

Welcome to the Liberal Arts Program of the College of Arts and Sciences and Social Work (CASSW), the college that actualizes the ideals of a “distinctively strong Christian University integrating faith, character and service in building up and enhancing the quality of life” through the various programs and activities of its academic and non-academic units.

Established in 1947, the College offered its Liberal Arts program together with the other courses offered by then the Manila Union College, which eventually became Philippine Christian College in 1967, and Philippine Christian University in 1976.  The Liberal Arts program received its recognition from the government on July 1, 1959.  The program is concerned basically with providing the proper and balanced development of the individual, physically, intellectually, morally, and spiritually. It aims to equip a student for responsible, informed participation in the local, national and world community affairs.

The College of Arts, and Sciences and Social Work aims at providing an educational program which helps to facilitate the integration and liberation of persons to enable them to effect changes in themselves, their environment and their society in order to realize fullness in human life for all.

The College of Arts and Sciences and Social Work provides a broad base of education to every student from all the other colleges in the University being the academic service unit that caters to students’ general education course requirements. The College commits itself to upholding academic excellence which is necessary in developing students’ competitive advantage upon completion of their schooling from this institution of learning.

Equally important in the College of Arts and Sciences and Social Work are its curricular offerings that include degree programs with specialization in language and literature, communication, broadcasting, political science, biology, mathematics, psychology and guidance and counseling.

The CASSW stands tall in pursuing its vision/mission statement in particular and that of the University in general. In view of this, the College’s program of studies emphasizes the promotion of wholesome human development through academic and non –academic undertakings anchored on the institution’s pivotal Christian virtues of Faith, Character and Service. In this light, the College of Arts and Sciences adopted the slogan “ A Liberal Arts Education with a Heart” which simply means that CASSW aims at providing education which harnesses intellectual empowerment and mental maturity, emotional stability, social adaptability and responsibility, moral uprightness and spiritual grounding in faith to God in Christ Jesus.

Ultimately, the college continually develops innovative academic programs and evaluate its various curricular offerings to insure that they are vibrant, creative, global and technologically adapted to the needs of the changing times.

We, at the College of Arts and Sciences, adhere to our mission of providing our students with an educational experience that responds to the needs of our communities and prepare them for a globally competitive world.

Dean, College of Arts, Sciences and Social Work (CASSW)


  • Bachelor of Science in Broadcasting
  • Bachelor of Arts in Communication
  • Bachelor of Arts in English
  • Bachelor of Arts in Political Science
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
  • Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy
  • Bachelor of Science in Math
  • Bachelor of Science in Biology
  • Bachelor of Science in Guidance & Counselling
  • Master of Arts in Guidance & Counselling
  • Master of Arts in Psychology
  • Master of Arts in English
  • Master of Science in Social Work with specialization in Administration
  • Master of Science in Social Work with specialization in Social Work Administration

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COllege of arts, sciences, and social works


This College provides a Christian liberal education with its competent and highly qualified faculty and staff. It constantly upgrades quality standards of curriculum and instruction in a humanistic and liberal orientation, prepares students for their various professions and liberally nurtures them with the Christian ideals and values of the University.

The CASSW has now seven (7) departments, namely: Department of English and Mass Communication, Math Department, Department of Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Philosophy and Religion, Social Work, and the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS). The offering of programs with double majors is now approved by the Board of Trustees, a policy that impacts on the Bachelor of Arts and the Bachelor of Science degrees.


A liberal arts education committed to the development of the total person to enable him to realize fullness in human life.

The College of Arts, Sciences and Social Work, through its highly competent faculty and staff, is committed to excellence in providing Christian liberal education. Education in the CASSW is geared towards the preparation of students for their various professions as responsible leaders and useful members of society, nurtured with the Christian values of faith, character and service.


The College of Arts, Sciences and Social Work is committed to develop persons who are:

Free, responsible and sensitive to the needs and aspirations of a humane and democratic society.
Professionally competent, equipped with the spirit of scientific inquiry and the humanism of the arts and letters.
Adherent to the belief that faith, character and service are the touchstones of the mature and truly educated individual.
Committed to serve God, country, and people to promote community and national development.

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Vice President for Academic Affairs

Kathleen Rose L. Guimbatan, Ed.D.

Tel. Nos. : 525-5435    Email: info@pcu.edu.ph


University Registrar

Carol A. Mendillo

Tel. Nos. : 523-2162     Email: info@pcu.edu.ph

Guidance and Counseling

Gloria C. Nabus

Tel. Nos. : 526-5107        Email: info@pcu.edu.ph

college of arts, sciences and social works

Dr. Emilie E. Tangonan

Tel. Nos. : 523-2187        Email: cassw.dean@pcu.edu.ph

College of Business Administration and Accountancy

Dr. Narciso Immanuel C. Managuelod

Tel. Nos. : 521-3244          Email: cbaa.dean@pcu.edu.ph

College of Education and Allied Programs

Dr. Marites D. Mercado

Tel. Nos. : 523-2159    Email: ceap.dean@pcu.edu.ph

College of Engineering and Information Technology

Prof. Mardonio M. Agustin, Jr.

Tel. Nos. : 330-1664        Email: ceit.dean@pcu.edu.ph

College of Nursing and Allied Health

Prof. Edna O. Imperial, R.N.

Tel. Nos. : 710-4694          Email: cnah.dean@pcu.edu.ph

College of Law

Justice Raoul V. Victorino (Ret.)

Tel. Nos. : 526-5109      Email: col.dean@pcu.edu.ph

School of Tourism and Hospitality Studies

Prof. Leah Jeuel G. David

Tel. Nos. : 521-5045           Email: sths.dean@pcu.edu.ph

Extended Tertiary Education Equivalency & Accreditation Program

Dr. Francis Christie C. Arnado

Tel. Nos. :523-1540  Email: eteeap.coordinator @pcu.edu.ph

Program for Accelerated College Education

Prof. Origen P. Pascua

Tel. Nos. :523-3089       Email: pace.coordinator@pcu.edu.ph

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