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+ 63 2 526-5107

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Mon - Sat: 8:00 - 17:00

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General Contact Information


1648 Taft Avenue cor Pedro Gil St., Manila P. O. Box 907, Manila

Websites: https://www.pcu.edu.ph (redirecting to https://manila.pcu.edu.ph) – Manila Campus

                 https://dasma.pcu.edu.ph – Dasmariñas Campus

                 https://mjcn.pcu.edu.ph – Mary Johnston College of Nursing Campus 


Telephone Numbers:

Accounting Business Office8528-0842
Athletics Department8330-1633
Center for Research and Instructional Materials (CRIM)/Online Education
and Professional Advancement Office (PACE/ETEEAP/E-Learning Programs)
Clinic / Health Services Department8525-1587
College of Arts, Sciences and Social Work (CASSW)8523-2187
College of Business Administration and Accountancy (CBAA)8521-3244
College of Education and Allied Programs (CEDAP)8523-2159
College of Engineering and Information Technology (CEIT)8330-1664
College of Nursing and Allied Health (CNAH)8710-4694
Elementary Department / Union Elementary School (UES)8523-1540
Expanded Tertiary Education Equivalency and Accreditation Program (ETEEAP)8925-8959
External Affairs Office (EAO) / Alumni Affairs Office8524-7670
Guidance and Counseling Office8526-5107
High School Department / Union High School (UHS)8523-3089
High School Department – ITD Satellite LAN Office C8524-7668
Information Technology Department (ITD)5310-0651
Institute of Philosophy and Religious Studies (IPRS)8330-2197
Institute of Physical Education, Arts and Culture (ISPEAC)8523-2185
Instructional Media Center (IMC)5310-0078
Internal Audit Office8330-1439
Law / College of Law (CoL)8526-5109
Library / Learning Resource Center (LRC)8523-2186
Mary Johnston College of Nursing (MJCN) – based in Tondo, Manila8245-0806
MBA / MM / MMPA – Graduate School of Business and Management (GSBM)8523-2371
Office of Student Affairs (OSA) / Student Services Office (SSO)8526-5108
Personnel/Human Resources Development Office (HRDO)8523-2492
Ph.D. Office8330-2296
President’s Office8523-2372
President’s Office (Fax)8526-5110
Purchasing Office (TeleFax)8523-2483
Registrar’s Office8523-2162
Tourism / Hotel and Restaurant Management / STHS8521-5045
Treasury Office8523-2484
Union Theological Seminary (UTS)8330-1667
Vice President for Academic Affairs8525-5435