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College of Engineering and Information Technology (CEIT)

Dean's Welcome Message

It is my distinct pleasure to welcome you to Philippine Christian University – College of Engineering and Information Technology (CEIT).  From its inception in 1986, CEIT has been dedicated to the delivery of undergraduate and graduate programs in information technology and engineering fields that optimize opportunities for our students and that support the growth and reputation of our dear university.

Our undergraduate and graduate programs strive to educate our students to be future leaders, to excel in research and innovation that discover new knowledge, new technologies and new systems and to embrace a culture of service.. As we develop new and existing programs in engineering, information technology, and related technology fields, we embrace and honor PCU’s long-standing traditions in providing a distinctively strong Christian education while moving forward at a pace that prepares our graduates for the challenges and exciting opportunities that lie ahead in a continually changing global technology environment.

We believe that infrastructure, industry, and innovation are the cornerstones of our economy, and we do all that we can every day to support these endeavors. We hope that you find all the information you need here, and encourage you to check back with us often for updates. As always, please don’t hesitate to contact any of us with your questions or comments.

Dean, College of Engineering and Information Technology (CEIT


A center of excellence in engineering and information technology.


The College of Engineering and Information Technology is committed to produce engineering and information technology professional who are:

  • Fully prepared and equipped to meet the challenges of engineering and information technology
  • Productive and responsible members of society
  • Proficient in their field and highly motivated to excel
  • Grounded in a deep faith in God and a commitment to serve

Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering is a profession that applies engineering principles and methodologies in the analysis, design, implementation and management of hardware, software and the integration of both. The program aims o prepare the students for professional engineering career who will effectively and efficiently meet the scientific, technological and various needs of business, industries and communities in the global economy. Aside from their professional knowledge and skills, the graduates of this programs will also possess strong foundation in the physical and basic engineering sciences as well as in human relations to enable them to meet the challenges being brought about by the rapid technological developments. Specifically, the programs aims to:

  • Prepare students to undertake research and development.
  • Conduct systems analysis, perform system design and development and implement project management
  • Provide appropriate technical support
  • Conduct human development in the global market
  • Engage in continuing professional development
  • Engage in technopreneurship and practice professional ethics

Career Opportunities

  • Project Engineer/ Manager
  • Network Systems Administrator/Manager
  • Data Communications Engineer
  • Systems Engineer/Developer/Manager
  • Systems Analyst/Designer
  • Technical Support Engineer/ Manager
  • Quality Assurance Engineer/ Manager
  • Test Engineer
  • Technopreneur
  • Educator
  • Researcher

The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT) programs deals with the study of utilization of computers and computer software to plan, install, customize, operate, manage, administer and maintain information technology infrastructure. Our BSIT program prepares students to be IT professionals imbued with faith, character and service. to be well versed on application installation, operation, development, maintenance and administration, and familiar with hardware installation, operation, and maintenance.

Career Opportunities

  • Applications Developer
  • Database Administrator
  • Entrepreneur in IT Industry
  • Information Security Administrator
  • Information Technology Instructor
  • Network Administrator
  • Network Engineer
  • Systems Analyst
  • Technical Support Specialist
  • Test Engineer
  • Web Administrator / Web Master
  • Web Developer
  • Educator

The Bachelor of Science in Information Systems (BSIS) focuses the study of design and implementation of solutions that integrate information technology with business processes. Our BSIS program prepares students to be IT professionals imbued with faith, character and service and to be expert on design and implementation of information systems for business processes.

Career Opportunities

  • Business Process Analyst
  • Data Quality Specialist
  • Entrepreneur in IT industry
  • IS Instructor
  • Systems Auditor
  • Quality Assurance Analyst
  • Systems Implementation Officer
  • Technical Support Specialist
  • Educator


The Bachelor of Science of Computer Science program is the study of concepts and theories, algorithmic foundations, implementation and application of information and computing solutions. Our BSCS program prepares students to be IT professionals and researchers imbued with faith, character and service, and prepare them to be proficient in designing and developing computing solutions.

Career Opportunities

  • Applications Developer
  • Computer Science Instructor
  • Database Programmer / Designer
  • Information Security Engineer
  • Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Researcher
  • Systems Developer
  • Systems Analyst

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