PCU, foreign partners agree to explore TESOL potentials

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The Language Training Institute (LTi), reputed to be one of the leading companies in the emerging industry of TESOL or Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Philippine Christian University (PCU) and the Advantage Asia recently.

University President Junifen Gauuan, Ph.D., and Mr. David Robertson, representative of both the LTi and AA, signed the MOU that paved the way for the three institutions to make further studies and pursue potential paths they can tread together in search of an innovative system of English instruction they can offer to Filipino students.

“We agreed to explore further,” the PCU President said. “However, each project is subject to our mutual agreement at this point.” He, however, expressed optimism that the partners can come up with an excellent plan at the end of the day. LTi trains its students to be IELTS and TOEFL trainers to “greatly improve their chances of finding professional niche work.”

The Australia-based training institution has developed certificate and diploma courses in TESOL in consultation with other industry players to ensure that it meets, and even exceeds, industry standards. The AA, meanwhile assists TESOL students of LTi with all arrangements associated with the completion of Practice Teaching at PCU.

LTi, an Australia-based non-profit organization endorsed by its own government, has been delivering training in 20 countries, including China, Malaysia, South Korea, Iran and Singapore. President Gauuan said if the vision will push through, TESOL can mean more high-paying jobs for young Filipinos who will finish one of the courses.

“For example, we are looking at the vast China market,” he said. “Those who want to learn and speak the English language in that country would have a high demand of competent teachers who graduated from TESOL courses.”

President Gauuan, however, said they are carefully studying the financial aspect of the project.

“We have to look closely at the cost of TESOL courses,” he said. “If we can ascertain that the students will have a more than fair chance to land lucrative teaching jobs, then this project is worth pursuing.”


PCU President Junifen Gauuan, Ph.D. (Right), and Mr. David Robertson of the Language Training Institute (LTi) and the Advantage Asia (AA) shake hands to signify their agreement to explore together the potentials of TESOL or Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages as an industry that will benefit a number of young Filipinos who will pursue a career in English education. Dr. Gauuan and Mr. Robertson are seen here flashing the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) they just signed moments ago.

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