The External Affairs Office, a distinctive social action arm of the University, has been set up to create a community of networking services through the active involvement of its alumni, the responsiveness of its community extension services and relations, and the consistency of its linkages and public relations promotion.


A sustainable External Affairs Office actualizing the University values of faith, character and service in a continuing involvement in community life and its people.


The External Affairs Office commits itself to: a. The promotion of PCU as center for excellence in the academe and the humane services; b. An integrated, relevant and responsive service to the community wherein all PCU constituents are active participants; and c. The active participation of the alumni in the total life of the University, while addressing their continuing professional education and other academic needs.


To draw out PCU into a continuous close relationship with the community enabling both to use their resources and to respond relevantly to the realities of the time.

 Specific Objectives

  • To reorganize PCU Alumni to enable them to: 1. use their resources to lend support to the community relation activities of the university; and 2. participate in the Continuing Professional Education (CPE) program of the University.
  • To establish sources of funding for its programs.
  • To establish a comprehensive extension program that would continuously utilize human and technical resources of the different units of the University.
  • To coordinate and integrate the community extension projects of the different units of the university.
  • To establish local, regional, and international linkages that would put PCU in the forefront of academic and non-academic tasks.