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The Philippine Christian University (PCU) Union Elementary School is committed to: develop in our children a strong Christian character and provide them with necessary skills to further their education, provide opportunities for them to pursue their goals for good citizenship and leadership, and prepare them to apply continuously the sound principles they have learned in upholding their values at all times.


We, of the Philippine Christian University  Union  Elementary School are  committed to:

  •  develop in  our  children  strong    Christian  character
  •  provide our  children  with  necessary  skills  to further their education
  •  provide opportunities for them to pursue their goals for good  citizenship  and  leadership
  • prepare them to apply continuously the sound principles they have learned in upholding their values at all times.

PCU – UES VISION STATEMENT                                  

A distinctively strong Christian school dedicated to the enlightenment of  children  on  the  Christian   faith   and  the  building  of  academic foundation  in  preparation  for  their  future  roles  as  useful  citizens.


The PCU-UES aims to provide the children with a well-balanced academic programs and co-curricular activities to help them become active Christian who are:

  • Self-reliant,
  • Creative
  • Service – oriented
  • Socially aware, and
  • Academically equipped individual.

The PCU – UES concentrates its efforts on the children’s:

  • Commitment to Christ and the Christian way of life
  • Acquisition of functional knowledge and skills that will prepare them for a higher aspirations,
  • Awareness and concern for their social environment,
  • Active participation in worthwhile activities.

The PCU – UES faculty, staff and administration aim to assist students  to develop:

  • Critical thinking,
  • Desirable behavior and attitude
  • Christian way of life,
  • A community spirit dedicated to serving others.